Digital Signal Processing

  • Application of digital signal processors and microcontrollers

    Energy efficient implementation of digital signal processing algorithms on digital signal processors, particularly TI TMS320C6x and multi-core microcontrollers, e.g. Parallax and XMOS.
  • Methods for digital filters design and the development of new algorithms

    Design of optimal digital filters with finite impulse response and DC ripple. Approximation and development of analytical methods for filter design for both onedimensional and multidimensional filters.
  • Digital image processing and video processing

    Processing of static image and image sequences to improve image quality, noise removal and disturbing effects elimination. Compression algorithms for both lossy and lossless compression.
  • Digital signal processing and signal compression

    Processing of one dimensional signals used in telecommunications, speach and acoustic signals processing, e.g. echo and noise cancellation, suppression of spurious components of signals and signal compression.