Auto-id technology and the internet of things to enhance the quality of health services

The main objective of the project is r&d in the field of autoid and the iot to enhance the quality of health services. Project will deal with home treatment and development of mobile applications for these needs and with technologies which create an added value and benefits for hospital treatment.
Partners of Project 
  • Czech Republic - GABEN, spol. s r.o.
  • Czech Republic - Nyklicek A Spol. S R.o.
  • Czech Republic - Proma Reha, S.r.o.
  • Czech Republic - Logtech, S.r.o.
  • Czech Republic - Czech Technical University In Prague / Faculty Of Electrical Engineering
  • Czech Republic - Vsb-technical University Of Ostrava
  • South Korea - Ack
  • South Korea - Retailtech
  • South Korea - Dongguk University
  • Slovakia - Prosoft, Spol. S R.o. Kosice
  • Slovakia - Gs1 Slovakia
  • Slovakia - Technical University Of Kosice
  • Slovakia - Zilinska Univerzita V Ziline