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Curriculum vitae 

Born 7th February 1949 in Vrchlabí, Czech Rep., 2 children

Work experience

1973 – 1984 Research Institute of PTT (VÚS) in Prague: researcher, automatic measurements TV channels of microwave links (microcomputer technology applications)

1984 – 1994 VÚS in Prague: Scientific worker, a head of resort and government research projects on telecommunication networks and the application of Telecommunications Management Networks standards

1987 - Fellow ship at the Radio Televisione Italiana (one month, Rome – Italy)

1994 – 1995 TESTCOM (renamed of VÚS): a head of Telecommunication Network Management Systems Dept.

1996 – 1997 TESTCOM: a leader for the Czech Rep. in the consortiium CRABS (EU, AC 215 project – The Cellular Radio Access for Broadband Services)

2001 – 2002 Ministry of Transport and PTT: a ministerial advisor, a head of Integration Dept.

2003 – 2007 Ministry of Informatics: a head and an official (from 2005) of the Electronic communications Dept., a member of the Council for Space Activities at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, a representative person at CEPT/ECC, IMSO and International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

2007 – 2011 Ministry of Industry and Trade: an official, representative person at the ITU Council and a vicechairman of the Administrative and Management Committee, ITSO, IMSO, CEPT/ECC, CEPT/COM-ITU, a member of the Czech permanent delegation at the European Space Agency (ESA)-Joint Communication Committee (JCB)

2006 – 2014 Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports: a member of the Inter-ministerial committee for the evaluation of research projects for military, informatics and industry 

from 2013 FEE CTU in Prague, Telecommunication Engineering Dept.: a researcher, representative for ITU affairs

Work experiences

• Development of strategies and management of information and control systems projects (management and control transmission technologies, standard TMN, LAN, WAN, Internet and Intranet).

.• Research and science activities in the domain of the automation quality measurement of analog TV signals and the application of artificial intelligence in
  management of telecommunication networks.

• Expert and testing works in satellite networks Orbcomm, Inmarsat, Iridium and GlobalStar.

• Guidance and consulting of university dissertations and lectures at the Czech Rep. and abroad (telecommunications, sports yachting, global rescue system
  GMDSS), an expert guarantor of professional seminars, series of proposals for production equipment improvements and amateur constructions  in the field of
  marine electronics.

• Expert representation and participation in ministerial interdepartmental commissions and working groups European Union (a programme of the satellite
  navigation system Galileo, EU/EC - the Radio Spectrum Policy Group), ITU, CEPT, ITSO, IMSO and ESA.

• A representative person at the ITU Council, vicechairman of the Permanent Administrative and Management Committee of ITU, a member of the permanent
  delegation of the Czech Rep. at the Join Communications Board of ESA.

• A member of the Czech Rep. delegations and working groups at ITU world radiocommunications and developments conferences (2000 – 2015)-


1984 FEE CTU in Prague: Radiocommunication technology, University Degree – Ph.D.

1973  FEE CTU in Prague: Communication technology, Microelectroelectronics, University Degree –M.Sc.

1989 Czech Academy of Science: 2nd science degree of Ph.D.

1993 – 1997 specialized courses in UK, France and Germany - Management Telecommunication Networks and Information systems,
                    Management of Research Projects

Academic activities

Elective course: Communication and Medial Law (CZ, EN)

Selected recent projects

•  Spectrum Management Training Programme ITU Academy – the education development of the obligatory module OM-1: Legal Basis and Regulatory

• Analyse report on the actual status of the analog radiocommunication network of the Fire rescue Brigade of the Czech Republic.

•  Expert and advisory activities within the academic membership FEE CTU in ITU (ITU Centrum of Excellence for Cyber Security in Europe, the development and
   implementation of the ITU Spectrum Management Training Programme).

• Expert activities on the space telekomunications using of small satellites technologies.

 Other skills

• Yachting – A president of the Czech Sailing Association (1999 – 2006), a representative of the Czech Rep. at European Boating Association (2004 – 2006), a
   chairman of the Audit Commission of the Czech Sailing Federation, the Yachting Master Ocean certificate.

• An autor of books: The ahead of Cape Horn (Navigator Ltd., 2004) – paper book and the first Czech yachting multimedial book on CD (2000) and The Alone
  in Four Oceans (IFP Ltd., 2013).

• A contributor to professional sailing periodicals and journals in the field of navigation, electronic boat systems, meteorology and strategy and planning of maritime long-distance cruises and races, (a ember of ground supported teams).

• Lectuer of the Sailing Academy of the Czech Sailing Association

• Amateur Radio (HAM) activities – the call sign OK4SNG, HF/VHF/UHF analog and digital terrestrial and satellite traffic