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Curriculum vitae 

Lukas Vojtech received his MSc and PhD degree in telecommunication engineering from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic in 2003 and 2010 respectively. Now, he is Associate Professor at the Department of Telecommunication Engineering at the same university. From 2006 to 2007, he has joined Sitronics R&D centre in Prague focusing on hardware development. From 2012, he is(has) participating in Eureka founded projects AutoEPCIS and U-Health (member of the project coordination committees) and national (CZ government) projects NANOTROTEX, BE-TEX, KOMPOZITEX and RFID LOCATOR. In the last five, he acts as project leader and member of the project coordination committees. His current research activities include Electromagnetic compatibility, Radiofrequency identification, Internet of Things and Hardware development).

ResearcherID http://www.researcherid.com/rid/U-6263-2017

ORCIDID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4418-7511

IEEE Czechoslovakia Section from year 2011, IEEE Region: R8 -Europe

Education, internships and academic qualifications

  • 2019 CTU in Prague, FEE, Department of Telecommunication Engineering, Assoc. Prof. – Telecommunication Engineering
  • 2010 CTU in Prague, FEE, Department of Telecommunication Engineering, Ph.D. – Telecommunication Engineering
  • 2007 - 2019 at CTU in Prague, FEE, Department of Telecommunication Engineering (Assistant Professor)
  • 2005 Internship at I. S. E. P. Paris, (Institut Supérieur d´Electronique de Paris)
  • 2005 CTU in Prague, MIAS School of Business, Bc. - Study programme: Specialization in Pedagogy
  • 2003 CTU in Prague, Faculty of electrical engineering, Department of telecommunication engineering, Ing. – Telecommunication engineering
  • 2001 CTU in Prague, Faculty of electrical engineering, Department of telecommunication engineering, Bc.. – Electronics and Communication


  • Since 2007 CEO and owner, Electroforming s.r.o.
  • Since 2007 Assistant Professor, CTU in Prague, FEL, Department of Telecommunications engineering
  • 2004 - 2007 Self-employment
  • 2003 - 2007 Researcher, CTU in Prague, FEL, Department of Telecommunications engineering
  • 2002 - 2003 Research and development worker and partner of ATME, s.r.o. in Prague
  • 2000 - 2001 Research and development worker at Antonín Šmíd in Prague

Management experience

  • Since 2014 Czech Committee for Scientific Management (Český komitét pro vědecké řízení, z.s.) – Chairman of the association
  • Since 2008 Team Leadership – main solver in projects of grant activities, CTU in Prague, FEE
  • Since 2007 Electroforming s.r.o., CEO
  • 2004 - 2007 Self-employment
  • Since 2003 Student and student group leadership in solving student projects and work


  • 2023 Electroforming s.r.o. - Innovative Company of the Year 2022 of the Hradec Králové Region, awarded by the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Hradec Králové Region
  • 2021 Rector's Medal - Award of CTU experts for extraordinary performances in times of crisis
  • 2016 Rector’s Prize (CTU in Prague) in category "For practical implementation of the results of research work" (in 2015)
  • 2014 CATRENE Innovation Award by the EUREKA Cluster for Micro- and Nano-Electronics za projekt “Electromagnetic Reliability (EMR) of Electronic Systems for Electro Mobility” (team member)

Research and grant activity:

  • Development of autonomous driving smart air cleaner and safety control services platform for improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in industrial and public sites, 2023 - 2025, TM04000003
  • Textile filter insert for sterilization by electric current 2020, ProoFOND, TP01010066-01
  • Training platform for a medical operations center 2018 - 2020, Znalosti pro Prahu, OPPPR, výzva 24
  • Radar Myo Graf - creation of a portable electromyograph designed for non-contact measurement of muscle activity of patients 2018 - 2020, ICT pro Prahu, OPPPR, výzva 24
  • Moody – Body Heating System 2018 - 2019, InovaFOND TG02010033
  • NANOTROTEX - Composite nanostructured electrode materials with textile matrix 2018 - 2021, FV30171
  • Development of a Probe for Preventive Protection of IoT Devices against Takeover Attempts 2017 - 2019, TJ01000182
  • Auto-id technology and the internet of things to enhance the quality of health services 2017 - 2020, LTE117005
  • Security and Reliability of Devices and Systems in the Internet of Things 2018 - 2020, OHK3-024/18
  • The Multichannel Communication Platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) 2017 - 2019, TH02010568
  • Security in Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 2016 - 2017, SGS16/159/OHK3/2T/13
  • RFID Technology in Logistic Networks of Automotive Industry 2013-2016, LF13005
  • EUREKA RFID locator 2013-2015, VG20132015125
  • KOMPOZITEX – Composite Textile Materials for Protection of Humans and Devices Against the Effects of Electromagnetic and Electrostatic Fields 2012-2015, FR-TI4/202
  • BE-TEX Humen and equipment protection against high-frequency electromagnetic radiation - research and development of new textiles 2008-2010, (MPO), FI-IM5/202

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