Modernisation of VET through Collaboration with the Industry

The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of education in technical areas at professional secondary schools by establishing close collaboration between these schools and industrial companies, stimulating students’ interest in technical disciplines and improving their motivation to study.
With respect to the needs of the industry, we are developing and pilot-testing 6 sets of electronic learning objects of different types in 4 languages. Taking into account the current requirements of schools and industrial companies, we have selected modern topics that have not been appropriately summarized in the form of learning aids so far.
We are taking steps to interconnect the worlds of secondary education and the industry on the national as well as international level. For students (and teachers) of secondary schools involved in the project consortium we are preparing a series of internships in industrial companies home and abroad. The internships are accompanied by a motivating competition of international student teams.
We are also focusing on further education of secondary school teachers: for them we are preparing seminars to be held at universities. In addition, secondary school teachers shall receive teaching materials that they can use in their classes.
We are developing a set of 3 learning units compliant with the international ECVET system (European Credit Transfer System for Vocational Education and Training) aimed at acquiring specific skills according to the requirements of secondary schools within the selected topics.
In addition, we are preparing methodologies for secondary education that emphasize the importance of experience from the industry and international cooperation. A methodology for long-term sustainability of the results after the conclusion of the project will be specified as well.
The project consortium consists of 9 members. Partner institutions are located in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Spain, and in each of the countries the structure is unified: 1 industrial company (or business association), 1 professional secondary school and 1 technical university. The project duration is 34 months (2017–2020).
Partners of Project 
  • Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Vocational College of Information Studies and Vocational School of Electrotechnics , Multimedia and Informatics
  • AV MEDIA, a.s.
  • Vocational and technical secondary school of information technology
  • Slovak university of technology in Bratislava
  • Zväz elektrotechnického priemyslu Slovenskej republiky
  • Institut Esteve Terradas i Illa
  • Technical University of Catalonia