The Multichannel Communication Platform for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The project goal is to develop multichannel communication platform for secure and efficient data transfer between high number of different end point devices and central server dedicated for Internet of Things (IoT). The designed communication platform will be equipped with many interfaces and communication standards, that assures compatibility with devices of different producers.

The main users will be buildings and surroundings of enterprises, hospitals, university campuses and offices. The data will be transmitted by both high speed channels and wireless low power interfaces. The project result will represent HW a SW communication platform (router) and SW for server and communication knots. The failure-free operation will be assured by temperature sensors.

The project TH02010568/The Multichannel Communication Platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) has been funded with support from Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

Partners of Project 
  • CTU in Prague, FEE, Department of Telecommunication Engineering
  • IMA s.r.o.