Preparation of specialists for ICT – Bachelor programme of Teleinformatics

The project is focused on an extensive bachelor study programme “Teleinformatics” innovation at Brno University of Technology with regard to the current requirements of the practice and the latest knowledge in the field of ICT. The project aims to create the current content of specialized courses, quality study materials and start to prepare experts in all areas of ICT at BUT. Professional lecturers from CTU are involved in evaluating existing courses and preparing materials for their subsequent modernization. Their knowledge and experience are passed through educational seminars for BUT academics. CTU is also involved in reviewing study materials created during the project. These activities contribute to a significant quality increase in the field of study “Teleinformatics” at BUT.
Partners of Project 
  • CTU in Prague, FEE, Department of Telecommmunications Engineering
  • GiTy, a.s.
  • Brno University of Technology, FEKT, Department of Telecommunications (principal investigator)